Classes run for either 45 or 75 minutes and start promptly at the time listed (pacific time). You will receive a link to the class via email. You must have the latest ZOOM app installed on your phone or laptop to attend class.


1. View classes below and find the days/times that work for you.

2. Fill in the class registration form below. The email you put here is the email address where you will receive your class link.

3. Venmo your class registration fees to @TumblingwithAshley with the note in this format: "Virtual Class - ATHLETE NAME"

4. If this is your first class, submit your waiver online. Go to "More" and you will see the waiver tab.

5. Download the Zoom app if you don't have it already. You may access the class on your laptop or smart phone. 

6. Once registration, payment, and a waiver is received be sure to be on the lookout for your Zoom class link the day before class. Check your spam folder!

7. See you in class! Don't forget to have your water bottle, an open space, your hair tied up, wear athletic clothing, and be ready to work! Be sure to check your class description below to see the specifics of your class.



5:15 Conditioning & Stretch

(75 minutes)

11:30  All Level Tumbling Drills

(45 minutes)

11:30  Jumps

(45 minutes)

11:30 Flexibility & Balance

(45 minutes)

5:15 Conditioning & Stretch

(75 minutes)


Ages 4-7 Tumbling -  This class is specifically for our younger athletes ages 4-7. This beginner class will focus on basic skills like rolls, handstands, cartwheels, round offs, back bends, kickovers, and an intro to backhandspring drills. No experience needed. Padded surface required (yoga mat, gymnastics mat, carpet, etc). Shoes are optional and parental supervision off camera is mandatory.


Conditioning – Work your arms, core, back, booty, legs, and do some cardio during this intense body weight workout. There will be minimal rest time and shoes are recommended. 


Flexibility & Balance – Focusing on core strength and overall flexibility, this class will incorporate both stretching and conditioning to keep flyers in shape while they’re not actually flying. Class is open to non-flyers that want to work on their balance, posture, and core strength. Shoes are required.


Jumps – This class will be similar to the Wednesday night jump class at the studio. Jump technique will be critiqued as well as endurance sessions of maintaining height and rhythm of jumps with count music. Shoes are recommended.


All Level Tumbling Drills - This tumbling class incorporates bodyweight drills for levels 1-7 skills. Padded surface required (yoga mat, gymnastics mat, carpet). Shoes are optional and parental supervision off camera is encouraged.


Stretch – Usually offered in studio on Wednesdays, this class will be very similar but there will be no physical contact so I am relying on YOU to push yourselves. If you have a yoga block you may incorporate it into the class but it is not mandatory.

Virtual Class Registration 

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